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What is RemoteHub?

Remote work is based on a concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place (office). This is not a future. This is now. There are a lot of companies who work remotely.

RemoteHub lists remote companies with their locations, benefits, tech stack, and more – to help you find your next remote team to join.

2,400+ remote companies

So far I've managed to find more than 2,400 companies who work entirely or partly remote. There are definitely a lot more! Also, a lot of companies are hiring their first remote team members.

You can use filters to find remote companies who resonate with you. For example, you can search for "remote companies with company retreats and unlimited vacation".

There are currently more than 30 filters including team size, benefits (health insurance, paid coworking, ...), engineering culture (daily standups, open source contributor, ...), and more. I'm constantly chatting with remote teams to add more data.

Company profile

Company profile presents all the info I have about them. There's a map with their team members, list of benefits, description of their engineering culture, tech stack, and more.

Follow companies

You find some companies you like. They have awesome benefits, a couple of remote workers in your city to hang out with, and they're building products you like.

But right now they are not hiring a position that you could apply for!

You can start following these companies to get an email when they have a new remote position available, or when they update their profile with more data.

Community of remote workers

Working remotely can be lonely! So I made a community page for remote workers to talk and share.

Explore remote companies

I'm occasionally building some new pages that present the data I have about remote companies.

For example, I've built a page for engineering cultures and remote work statistics.


There's also a newsletter! And it's published every... well, sometimes (when I have something to say).

Travel profile

Working remotely doesn't mean you have to travel. But you can! You can add your past and future travels on a map.

Remote stories

RemoteHub surfaces interesting articles about remote work.