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Customer Feedback Management Tool
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Our daily standups are at 10 AM CE(S)T. They usually take less than 15 minutes.
Empowering Small Businesses
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We have 2 different kind of daily stand ups: 1. "Project office hours" twice a day at 10am and 4pm: PM opens an appear.in room and everyone working...
Digital Agency For Mobile App and Web Development
🏙 18
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🤓 11-50
Automate everything is our mantra. Infrastructure as code is how we operate at komoot. There is no stack in our company not built and deployed by our...
Say Hello To Your Next Adventure
🤓 11-50
We release often (weekly at minimum) with new features. We follow a philosophy of continuous improvement with rapid iteration. We don't launch things...
24/7 maintenance department for property managers
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🤓 11-50
We run on the "git flow" paradigm and use CircleCI to ensure we can deploy safely and often across the team. This is all automated via an internal Sla...
Customer messaging platform
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